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Botox Filler Treatment in Sioux Falls, SD

BOTOX® Cosmetic
Estimated treatment cost (33 units/one entire treatment)$450
Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sanjay Mukerji makes looking younger, fresher, and happier quick and convenient with BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments in Aberdeen, SD. While it’s not difficult to locate a BOTOX provider, a board-certified plastic surgeon who personally administers BOTOX injections is a rare find. Dr. Sanjay Mukerji performs all BOTOX treatments at his practice to give his patients the most natural-looking results without risk.

How It Works

BOTOX is a purified protein that treats dynamic wrinkles, which form with the repeated contractions of facial muscles. When a very small amount is injected into the muscle responsible for a wrinkle, BOTOX temporarily prevents the muscle from contracting, allowing the wrinkle to smooth out. These treatments are often combined with dermal filler injections because they work in different ways and address different concerns. Fillers treat wrinkles, folds, and sunken areas of the face by replacing lost volume.

Benefits of BOTOX

This effective, FDA-approved treatment provides a variety of benefits depending on where it’s injected. Most commonly, Dr. Mukerji uses BOTOX to treat:

  • Lines at the outer corners of the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • Horizontal forehead creases
  • Vertical lines between the eyebrows (11s)
  • Slightly sagging brows

Younger patients can use BOTOX proactively to keep dynamic wrinkles from forming.

Dr. Sanjay Mukerji

Dr. Mukerji is a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who personally performs every plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedure to ensure patients receive the highest level of care, safety and results.

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BOTOX for Hyperhidrosis

In addition to being used as a wrinkle treatment, BOTOX can control excessive sweating caused by hyperhidrosis. When injected into the underarms, palms, or feet, BOTOX prevents the sweat glands from being stimulated, which stops or significantly reduces perspiration within about 4 weeks. Results are temporary, so treatments should be repeated approximately every 6 months.

What to Expect During Your Treatment

Before your BOTOX treatment, Dr. Mukerji will have an initial consultation with you for 15 to 20 minutes to discuss your goals, treatment options, and the risks and benefits. If BOTOX is right for you, he will make several carefully placed injections into your face with a tiny needle. For most patients, discomfort is minimal. Injection points may be slightly raised and pink initially. There is no downtime needed, so you can return to work and your regular routine right away.

BOTOX Results

BOTOX allows treated areas to gradually smooth out within approximately 3 to 5 days after injection. Because results are temporary, you will need to have repeat treatments every 4 to 6 months to maintain your smooth look.

Why You Should Choose Dr. Sanjay Mukerji

Dr. Sanjay Mukerji is excited to help you feel confident in your appearance again with the help of our Botox fillers and cosmetic surgery options in Sioux Falls, SD. Whether you are in need of a Botox filler treatment after an injury or for personal reasons, our medical staff will be sure to accommodate your needs with ease so that you can enjoy a pleasant and memorable experience.

We use only the highest quality of Botox fillers and treatments so that you can stay safe, healthy, and confident in your skin. We take pride in our commitment to our patients and their complete satisfaction throughout the procedure. We can offer you flexible scheduling options and affordable prices that you are sure to enjoy.

Reach out to our friendly team today to schedule your consultation and your procedure so that you can get back to your daily life with added peace of mind. We look forward to connecting with you on a medical and personal level so that you can feel comfortable to ask any questions and have your concerns resolved.

For more information, be sure to reach out through our contact page today.

Getting Started

To meet with Dr. Mukerji and discover all the ways he can enhance your appearance, request a complimentary cosmetic consultation using our online form or call Sioux Falls, SD: (605) 725-5030 to schedule an appointment.

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